Whether you are a big fan of platform, shooter, survival or role-playing games. There is one thing we all know for sure. It is more fun when you play them online. Right?

Obviously, it is more fun to game together with friends than with a computer. Online it is possible to invite friends to play along or battle against other online players. Of course, this brings way more joy than simply playing with the computer. In the multiplayer mode you can communicate with the other players, share knowledge and have a laugh. It brings a lot of variation. Since every single person brings his own unique characteristics and skills.

Sometimes, there are so many games available online. That it becomes difficult to select your next purchase. Fortunately, our list of best multiplayer games for Xbox Live is here to help you out. The list includes games from various genres. And, every single one of them is known to have an advanced multiplayer mode you can enjoy for several months before you get bored! Our focus is on recent releases. We exclude old releases. 

Rocket League: Best game for Xbox Live

Rocket League Xbox OneRocket league is developed by Psyonix and is one of the most played online Xbox games available. With your jetpack powered supercar you can race, jump, flip and fly across the arena in the most awesome positions you can imagine. In an attempt to score the ball in the opponent’s goal. Turbo’s should be gathered by driving over the loading points to boost your speed. When it is time to have some fun you can use your turbo to destroy the enemy car. Even though, it will respawn within a few seconds! Once you learn the mechanics, you will be surprised about the awesome moves you can make with your car. Flying backwards, while scoring a goal.

Rocket league has an advanced multiplayer mode. In the ranked games, all online players battle against each other in teams of 2, 3 or 5. To reach the highest ranking in the leaderboards. Further, it also has several custom modes you can use. For example: basketball, no gravity, heavy ball and all kinds of other great modes you can apply to make it more interesting!


Overwatch Xbox Live GoldOverwatch is developed by Blizzard Entertainment and is just another success story. By the creators of the famous and notorious game: World of Warcraft. Just like all the games created by Blizzard the characters are cartoons and all have their own unique capabilities. In fact, you can select between Offense, Defense, Tank and Support. Every single class has its own unique weaknesses and strengths that should be combined in a team of 6. To maximize damage, protection and mobility. It is an awesome multiplayer first person shooter that also includes a high level of strategic gameplay. A high level of team work is required by every team to conquer and defend certain control points on the map. Even though this game looks great, it doesn’t look real. Therefore, you should not buy it for the great graphics, but for the great gameplay and cosmetic features.

The game sees frequent updates and you should ride along while new features are still being added. All the updates are provided for free. Because, the game only profits from purchases that are made for cosmetic changes and other items that will differentiate your character from the others.


Forza Horizon 3 XboxForza Horizon 3 is developed by Playground Games and is only available for the Xbox. With the fastest cars you can explore the open world and race through the Australian landscapes! While, every single detail of the landscape looks astonishing. The graphics are extraordinary and will blow your mind away. You might just spend hours exploring the various terrains of Australia. This is the perfect opportunity for gamers who love to explore, while driving a unique racing monster. 

The multiplayer mode allows a lot of players in the world at the same time. You can initiate races with your buddies to see who has the best car! Or you can simply start fooling around, while gaining points for doing amazing and crazy stunts all over the place. Don’t forget to buy yourself a steering wheel, it will make the game way more interesting!